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Compact Load Lift

Compact Load Lift – Miles 1012 has been the most selling load lift in Turkey since 2009. Miles Lift’s market share is around 55-65% in terms of total load lift demands in Turkey. Compact Load Lift – Miles 1012 provides the best possible ROI to all types of industrial enterprises thanks to its longer product life cycles and lower maintenance metric.

Compact Load Lift - Miles 1012 is designed and manufactured in accordance with the customer’s special dimensions and the place where the assembly will be made. It operates in a loading capacity of 500-5000 kg and meets all types of safety requirements of different sectors with its certified safety valve system.

Product Properties


Compact Load Lift - Miles 1012

Special Production Load Lift - Miles 1019

Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity (kg): 1200 

Platform Dimensions (mm): 1200x1800

Pump (L): 20

Motor (kW): 3

Valve Group: BLAIN

Cruising distance (Min/Max) (mm): 0-10000

Motor Supply Voltage (V/AC): 220/380

Pit Dimensions (L x W mm): 1650x1900

Pit Depth (mm): 120

Brake system: Yes      

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