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Vehicle Type Disabled Lift

Miles 2011 Vehicle Type Disabled Lift is specially designed for passenger vehicles, vans and non-commercial vans. It is made of aluminum, hydraulic cylinders and semi-automatic (safety cautious) hand grips ensure easy, fast and safe use by a single operator or user. Vehicle Type Disabled Lifts with the capacity of 350kg are designed to transfer cordless disabled chairs and manual wheelchair disabled chairs and can also be used for maximum load transfer. Thanks to its special platform structure, it drains rain, dirt and mud from the platform surface and offers the best possible anti-slip protection. It is assembled inside the vehicle (behind the doors) and can be quickly disassembled to increase the vehicle's flexibility.

Product Properties


Vehicle Type Disabled Lift - Miles 2011

Special Production Vehicle Type Disabled Lift - Miles 2019

Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity (kg): 350 

Platform Dimensions (mm): 1350 x 1200

Platform Type : AL / ST

Motor Supply Voltage (V/AC): 12/24

System Weight (kg): 140

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