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Hydraulic Ramp

Miles Hydraulic Ramp is specially designed to use inside & outside the building for industrial businesses and grocery stores. Designed specifically for the needs of Global business partners, the hydraulic ramp contributes to spatial efficiency in the product transfer process. Miles Hydraulic Ramp is most preferred by global market chains, industrial enterprises, warehouses and warehouses. Miles Hydraulic Ramps provide many years of service to the user in harsh environment conditions with their strong structure and quality, and simple failures that may occur thanks to their electromechanical boards are also solved without the need for service. 

Product Properties


Foldable Hydraulic Ramp - Miles 1031

Foldable-Falling/Rising Hydraulic Ramp - Miles 1032

Foldable-Falling/Rising Hydraulic Ramp - Miles 1033

Foldable-Falling/Rising Telescopic Hydraulic Ramp - Miles 1034

Special Production Hydraulic Ramp - Miles 1039

Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity (kg): 1000 

Platform Dimensions (mm): TBD

Pump (L): 10 ~ 80

Motor (kW): 1,5 - 24

Valve Group: BLAIN

Cruising distance (Min/Max) (mm): TBD

Motor Supply Voltage (V/AC): 220/380

Pit Depth (mm): TBD

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